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Product Ordering Information

Factory Saab Parts

All parts sold on this site are original equipment manufacturer from Saab or an authorized supplier of Saab merchandise and is purchased by for resale on this site.

Non-Factory Parts does not manufacture any of the products sold on this site. All products sold are warranted by the original manufacturer. Except for such original manufacturer warranties, DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this site or products obtained or ordered from this site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages. Any an all warranties of non-original equipment parts are to go the manufacturer and not

Incorrect Usage of Parts

Saab will not warrant any parts installed onto a vehicle they were not intended for or that did not come originally equipped on a the vehicle they were purchased for.

Apparel, Die-cast, & Collectibles

All apparel & die-cast merchandise is sold as is with a limited supply as this merchandise is very seasonal and may not always be available. Due to the nature of these goods they are sold on a non-return, non-exchange basis.


Product Availability

 If not prepared for a 7-10 day delay if part is out of stock or in transit then email to verify current availability before order is placed. After order has been placed, it may not be cancelled unless on backorder with the manufacturer. Order cancellation is at the discretion of There are some specialty products that have a longer lead-time and you will be notified of those lead times through e-mail correspondence from our Customer Service Department. will do everything we can to ship your order as soon as possible and notify you of the estimated time of delivery. Whenever possible will ship direct from our facility, but when this is unavailable parts will be shipped from the most available Saab warehousing source.


Pricing and Catalog Information

PRICING ON THIS WEBSITE IS VALID ONLY ON THIS WEBSITE AND NOT VAILD AT ANY OTHER TIME OR PLACE AND IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM! PRICING ON THIS WEBSITE IS DISCOUNTED OR BELOW published list prices AND OTHER DEALERS ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO HONOR THESE PRICES. PRICING WILL NOT BE VALID THROUGH ANY POINT OF PURCHASE RETAIL OR WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION. All prices, part numbers, specifications, terms and policies are subject to change without notice. However, we will notify you of any price increase before shipment. reserves the right to correct typographical errors.


Core Charges

Some parts may by rebuilt by the manufacturer and are sold on an exchange or core basis, if this is the case you will be charged a "core" charge. Core prices are included in the selling price of our parts on the web site and are itemized separately on invoices as "core price". To receive "core credit" core and exchange merchandise must be returned to to be returned to the manufacturer for core credit. Certain parts are sold on an "exchange" basis and require an additional core deposit that is fully refundable provided your old part is returned in the original container your new product arrived in and it is in "re-buildable" condition. These parts include some engines, transmissions, transaxles, alternators, brake shoes, controls, CV Axles, distributors, pumps, rack and pinion, smog pumps and starters.

All core returns are handled within the standard return process requiring a RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION (RGA) number

The core may only be returned for credit within the first 30 days of receipt of your order. All handling and shipping fees are to be paid for by the customer. Once your core has been verified to meet core standards and has been received by credit will be issued against the original purchased core only.

Any cores that do not meet packaging or core standards will not be eligible for credit and will be disposed of after customer notification. The customer will have the option of receiving back his original core only or authorize scraping and disposal of core after this notification. It will be the responsibility of the customer for any freight, disposal, and handling fees incurred by returning unacceptable cores, not to exceed overall core value.

These parts include but are not limited to alternators, brake shoes, controls, engines, CV axles, distributors, modules, pumps, rack and pinion, smog pumps, starters and transmissions.


Handling and Shipping Information

If you live in the state of North Carolina, you will be charged the current sales tax % for the county in which the part is shipped to. The .07 calculated covers most counties in the state of North Carolina.

Most products listed in our catalog are immediately available from our warehouse. If we have it, the order goes out as soon as possible usually within 48 hours. Some products may be shipped directly from the manufacturer, from Saab Distribution Centers, or other warehouses. Depending on the availability from Saab, we can have product shipped to you in seven to ten business days. Sometimes it can be quicker, but use the 7 -10 number as an "average". We're in as big of a hurry to ship it to you, as you are to get your parts.


Shipping Methods

In the 48 contiguous states of the USA the minimum handling charge is just $13.95 for the first part on the order. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, we'll add the additional handling and shipping charges to your invoice after contacting you for approval. Additional handling fee is noted on most oversized items. On oversized items not noted you will be notified for any additional handling fees before your order is processed and ask for your approval before any additional charges are applied.

For members of the U.S. Armed Forces, we can ship to APO addresses at a nominal additional charge. We will notify you of the amount before we process your order.

Shipping carries used are at the discrection of


Truck & Oversized Shipping

Delivery Facts: All oversized handling prices are quoted to a business address. Some freight lines are unable to deliver to residential address; however delivery to businesses with scheduled hours and a loading dock is usually not a problem. You may want to consider having your purchase shipped to a business you know has the necessary unloading facilities. Please keep in mind the receiving party will be responsible for using the correct receiving process. Alternate ship-to locations are to be confirmed by customer before shipment. In some cases, the freight line can call you to pick up the freight at their terminal that is closest to your home. Most terminals are open for pick-up 24 hours a day.

Unloading: There are few freight companies that we deal with that offer lift-gate service for residential delivery. There is a substantial added charge for this service. Motor freight companies are not responsible for unloading. They will move it to the end of the truck (Tailgate Delivery). It's your responsibility to take the freight off from this point. Keep in mind that most engine hoists won't go high enough to lift engines from their truck. Please arrange to have equipment and assistance on hand, as freight lines will not wait for either to arrive.


Order Tracking

Soon after you place your order, youíll receive an email order confirmation. will notify you of your tracking information from our Customer Service Department. For your convenience, you can log-in using your email and password at for tracking information as soon as your parts have been shipped.


International Shipping does not currently ship outside the U.S. at this time, except to U.S. military postal addresses.


Receiving Information

Refused Merchandise

Customers will be charged all shipping, storage and 35% re-handling charges on all refused or unauthorized return shipments. No further orders will be processed until previous matters are cleared.


Parts Receiving

Proper receiving is required to prevent unnecessary losses in customerís parts and accessories and to facilitate handling of claims against carriers. Customers should observe the following instructions when receiving shipments from or when receiving material scheduled by for shipments direct to the customer from a source of supply. Receiving of Parts and Accessories includes acceptance of the shipment from the carrier and processing of the shipment by the customer. Customer assumes all responsibilities of ownership upon receiving of merchandise.


Acceptance of Shipment from the Carrier

  1. Check for visible damage to containers or loose pieces.

  2. Open the shipping container to check for visible damage when possible.

  3. Make notes with the carrier if damaged on the bill of lading or any paperwork that the shipping carrier may have you sign. 

  • The exact number of cartons, boxes, bundles, or loose pieces received corresponds to the information shown on the delivery receipt. Each piece is consigned to the customer receiving the shipment.

If there is any piece shortage or visible damage, the customer should call the carrier's representative's attention to damaged material or shortage and make a detailed notation on both copies of the carrier's delivery receipt, showing the exact nature of the damage and/or shortage. (e.g., piece number 4 with a 6 inch dent on crown of fender, wrapping torn, piece number 7 - carton and wheel disc crushed; piece number 8 - missing). The carrier's representative is to sign first initial and last name on both copies of the delivery receipt. The customer should make certain this notation is entered on the delivery receipt before signing the carrier's copy of the form.

It is not possible to complete a claim with a carrier without a detailed statement relative to the nature and extent of the shortage or damage being noted on the delivery receipt as provided above. Therefore, a customer should not sign the delivery receipt for any type of incomplete or damaged shipment without exceptions being noted and signed by the carrier's representative.

Notations such as "one piece short" or "one piece damaged" are not acceptable. A more detailed notation such as, "piece number five, one fender short" or "one fender damaged extensively around the headlight," is required.

These guidelines also apply to carriers that utilize a delivery manifest or electronic board (i.e., FedEx, UPS, EMERY WorldWide). The driver is REQUIRED to make any notation at customer's request.

Customers serviced by the Dedicated Delivery System should note Carrier Liability Loss or Damage Procedures noted on the carrierís bill of lading. At no time will accept liability for any unattended delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to sign and note any damage or shortage of any merchandise with the delivering carrier



  1. You must check the number of pieces against the Carrier's Delivery Receipt, and note any shortage and/or "visible" damage to the container and contents at the time of delivery.

  2. You must verify all pieces belong to that shipment number, and to your establishment.

  3. Damaged material or shortages must be brought to the attention of the Carrier's Representative before the Delivery Receipt is signed.

  4. A detailed description of the exact nature and extent of damage to the container and contents and/or shortage must be written on the face side of the Delivery Receipt.
    "Subject to Inspection" is an insufficient notation. If the driver refuses to stay and inspect, this should be noted on the Delivery Receipt and the Carrier contacted. (i.e., driver refuses to stay and inspect, contacted (name of Carrier), (John Doe) waived inspection on mm/dd/yr.)

  5. Verify that this detailed description is on both your copy and the Carrier's copy of the Delivery Receipt. The Carrier's Representative must sign where your notation is on the copy of the Delivery Receipt.
    If the driver refuses to sign the Delivery Receipt, you must note the refusal on the delivery receipt.

  6. These instructions also apply to Carriers that utilize a "Delivery Manifest" in lieu of a Delivery Receipt (i.e. AirBorne Express, UPS, FED-EX, Emery WorldWide). Any discrepancies must be noted on the shipment line that is being signed for. A copy of the manifest must be requested from the Carrier's Representative.


Transportation Discrepancies

If transportation discrepancies occur (shortage and/or damage), you should file a transportation claim with the carrier. Please keep in mind that failure to follow proper receiving procedures may result in a denial of your claim.

IMPORTANT: If shortage or damage occurs on a shipment that is customer property, (i.e., customer owns material while in transit), the customer is to immediately file a claim directly with the transportation company delivering the material.

While claims for shortage or damages on collect shipments should be referred directly to the Carrier; personnel will assist the customer in expediting settlement.

Processing of Shipment by the Customer

When the shipment has been accepted from the carrier and the delivery receipts have been signed, the customer is to proceed as follows:

  1. Check for the packing slips. The carton or box containing the packing slip has a "Packing Slip Enclosed" envelope or label. Where there are no containers, the packing slip is enclosed in a packing slip envelope that is attached to one piece of material.

  2. Check to make sure all the packing slips received are for the correct customer.

    Any packing slips and/or material received by the customer that is not assigned to it should be set aside and must be contacted for disposition.

  3. Check to be sure quantities of Parts and Accessories received agree with the quantities listed as shipped on the packing slip, before any parts are opened for use. In as much as the total quantity for a given part can be packed in more than one container, quantities in each container should be noted on the packing slip to account for the quantity shown as shipped.

  4. Be sure material is properly identified by:

    1. Saab identification tag

    2. Saab identification label on carton

    3. Identification either stamped or stenciled on part

  5. Check all loose material (unpacked) for concealed damage. A claim must be submitted to the carrier within twenty-four hours of receipt of damaged material to the customer.

  6. Save all packing slips and invoices for reference should a representative need them.


Damage/Loss Claims

The customer will need to and is responsible for contacting in order to initiate a damage or loss claim. No matter whom you feel is at fault the claim must be initiated with us. We will be in touch with you for some of the particulars about the shipment. When the claim is confirmed, we can order and send a replacement for the damaged merchandise. If you are present when the damaged package arrived please sign for the package and in the same screen write DMG which will indicated it was damaged upon arrival.

Please contact us at

If your product has been damaged in shipment, you MUST also contact us within 48 hours of receipt. Our customer service representatives will guide you through a return and replacement following contact. Claims representative are also available at

If you fail to file a damage claim within 48 hours of delivery to your shipping address the shipping company and may not be liable due to customer negligence of notification on the damage or loss of the shipment.

Losses must be reported no longer than 15 days past the estimated time of shipment delivery by the carrier. You are emailed the day the shipment is sent with the tracking number and invoice. If the shipment does not arrive near the estimated time of shipping delivery please contact us within 15 days of this estimated time. Estimated times are provided by the shipping carrier. We do not guarantee estimated delivery times as this is a service solely provided by the shipping carrier.



Return Policy

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must accompany all returns, no exceptions.

To return or exchange any items, properly pack, insure and ship by ground prepaid. All returns are investigated to determine who is responsible for why the part is being returned. If the return is our fault we will refund the order or exchange for the part needed. If the return is the customers fault it will be at our discretion on whether or not you are approved to return your part.  If your return is due to catalog error, is not responsible for the incorrect part.

Orders that have special order parts and are not stocked by our facility are not returnable. Electrical parts are also a non-returnable part. It is the responsibility of the customer to email customer service to insure the part numbers are correct for the vehicle you are purchasing the parts for and whether or not they are special order parts. Any part that comes in different colors depending on the vehicle is also special order parts which are non-returnable.

Returned items must be in original boxes and must be in reasonable condition. Books, tools, special order and electrical items are not returnable for refunds. Returns received after 30 days from the return authorization date will not be accepted. All returns accepted are subject to a restocking charge of 20% or $20.00 (whichever is greater). Any merchandise held over 30 days may not be returned. You have up to 30 days to return the item back to us in the original packaging for a full refund of the item only. Please pack returns carefully (using the packaging it came with) and use a traceable method of shipment (UPS Ground is probably the most convenient). Once we receive the goods, we'll credit your account for the full purchase price minus the initial handling and shipping. Please be sure to include a copy of your packing slip or original order confirmation, and information as to which credit card was used.

Return Guidelines

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must accompany all returns, no exceptions. Once your request has been authorized you will be e-mailed a RETURN SHIPPING LABEL to be printed and attached to the original shipping carton. If you are unable to print your return label please contact us by e-mail so we can mail it to you by US Postal Service. No returns will be accepted without a RGA number.

Returns without an RGA# on the outside of the shipping carton will be refused or returned to the sender.

  • Please go to "Request A Return" for your RGA# for returning your part.

  • If the returned part is damaged in transit to our facility, from you, we will call the shipper to start the claim in which the shipper at this point will be responsible for reimbursement to you.

  • Please do not assume the return address listed on your package is correct, as sometimes we do have the manufacturer or a GM warehouse send the order for us. Any returns MUST come back to our facility in which the correct address will be sent with the RGA#

General Return Guidelines

Within 30 days of receipt of your order, you may return products that:

  • Are in their factory original packaging and shipping carton

  • The factory package has not been opened and has original manufacturer information labels and part numbers attached

  • The original factory carton must not be marked on or used as a shipping carton back to our facility

As long as the parts are not damaged or have not been installed, we can issue a refund for the product only when your return meets these guidelines. The cost of handling and shipping will be credited only in those instances ONLY where the return is a result of our error.

 A copy of your invoice and email correspondence with us as to why the product is being returned must accompany all returns. Incorrectly supplied items will be exchanged or refunded at our option. No refunds will be authorized after thirty (30) days. All items returned must be in new, unused condition for credit, exchange or refund.

Restocking Fees


  • All approved returns are subject to a 35% re-stocking fee ($20 minimum) whichever is greater. This percentage does not include the original shipping and handling charges and only applies to the cost of the parts being returned.

  • Shipping and package insurance on all returns is the responsibility of the customer. Unless otherwise noted.

  • Returned parts require an RGA number (see above) and must be visible on the outside shipping carton.

  • All return merchandise will be the responsibility of the customer until credit is issued from

  • Any deviations from the restocking fees are at the discretion of